2015 up today

Leading and coordinate a variety of technical engagements at customers on a regular basis and high level support of applications and environments. Working in close cooperation with the customers, partners and third-parties, to establish and build deep, long-term technology-based relationships with the architects, engineers, technology and support. Guidance the technical decision within a team to drive and overcome customer expectations.

2008 – 2015

Supporting CTI applications for Contact Centers worldwide. Responsible for the maintenance of applications and environments using mainly Genesys platform. Troubleshooting and interaction with Genesys Care Support.

2005 – 2008

Senior IT Speacist for the GCCS (Global Contact Center Services) project, who had several external clients worldwide. Support and development of CTI (Computer and Telephony Integration) applications mainly using Genesys Framework Versions.

Support for Genesys framework from different customers within Global Contact Center Solution. Testing, troubleshooting and development of Genesys Applications. integration between multiple platforms. Responsible for CTI process (monitoring, developed, support).


Web developer for telecommunications segment applications (using ASP and PHP with Oracle and MySQL) such as Network inventory made integrated with Perl and Shell modules to collect information from Network devices (routers, switches) and Unix systems over national wide network area. Migrations over ATM networks, IP, Nokia SDH. Partners projects (Embratel). All development based on AIX environment.

2000 – 2004

Supporing operational systems (HP-UX and Linux), backups, local network. Development for CTI (computer and telephony integration) purposes. Call Center Network configuration and maintenance. UNIX application’s Installation/maintenance. Troubleshooting in switches and routers Cisco of the net, updates of systems and Intranet for the attendance.

Member of the first Internet Support Analyst business unit for Brazilian internet backbone, troubleshooting, detecting and solving Cisco IP network issues (MCI Backbone) over ATM, Frame-Relay, HDLC/PPP.